Have you ever been asked, or wanted to ask these questions?

Does something special come with being gay? Were you worried I wouldn't understand? Do you ever wish you were straight? You seemed happy straight, how could you just change? Is one of you the man and one of you the woman? What do you think about outing people? What am I supposed to tell my friends at church? How can I tell whether someone is gay? What's dressing in drag all about?


How many important questions go unasked because a straight loved one doesn’t know what to ask, doesn’t want to pry or judge – or just feels embarrassed?

The book, Queer Questions Straight Talk: 108 frank & provocative questions it’s OK to ask your lesbian, gay or bi loved one, is based on the idea that there are no stupid questions or “wrong” answers. QQST is a permission slip to find out more about one another … a little book that says, “Go ahead and ask – it’s really OK. I trust you and I know you care.”

For lesbian, gay and bi people and their straight loved ones, alike, QQST will help them talk honestly and lovingly, to share their concerns, questions and curiosity about lesbian, gay and bi life… what’s true, what’s just plain funny, what hurts and what brings joy. Addressing everything from Coming Out to Stereotypes to Religion and, yes, Sex, QQST is not about getting everyone to agree, but simply to understand each other a little more.

QQST is serious, fun, cheeky, deep and wise – and every once in a while a little bit naughty. If you're ready to start the conversation with someone you care about, whether you're straight, lesbian, gay or bi, QQST is your indispensable guide.